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Would you say you lead a healthy lifestyle?


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When thinking about intimate moments, how important is confidence to you?

It’s everything
Quite important
It’s just one of many factors
Not that important to me

How’s your bedroom performance at the moment?

It’s better than ever
Not bad, could be better
It got worse recently

How often do you struggle to get/retain an erection during intimate activities?

I’m having trouble every time
It happens to me occasionally
It rarely happens to me

Did you know?

More than 50% of men over 40 years old struggle with erectile dysfuntion.

That’s a proven fact, and according to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, it affects approximately 52% of men between the ages of 40 and 70. All of them experience some form of ED and it’s symptoms.


Have you tried using ED medications, such as Viagra, to solve the issue?

Yes I’ve tried and it worked perfectly without looking at the downside
I haven’t tried

How concerned are you about the potential side effects of Viagra and other chemical solutions?

I’m very concerned, and afraid of harming my health
I’m not concerned, if it works, it’s fine.

Understanding the V-pill and similar alternatives

Sildenafil (Viagra) increases blood flow to the penis so that you can get an erection. But it may cause side effects, including light sensitivity and diarrhea. Certain side effects may need medical attention.

Pros & cons of the V-pill:

Increases blood flow

Helps you get erect

Works in 2 hours

Short term solution

Muscle aches


Blurred vision, loss of vision


Shortness of breath



How do you perceive natural remedies in improving men’s health issues?

A godsend, I always prefer natural
Helpful, but I’m not always sure which to choose
Skeptical, but willing to try
Never thought about it

Complete the sentence: “I am...”

upset because nothing has helped me to eliminate ED.
trying to find a natural solution to my problem without any side effects.
not sure, but I want to start making a change.

The #1 thing I’m afraid of if I do not solve the ED issue is ___

I will lose my loved one
I will totally lose my confidence and self-esteem
I will never experience a strong orgasm in my life

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