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Product Information

How do I know if Primal Herbs are for me?

If you are looking for a long-term solution with a powerful effect, then Volume by Primal Herbs is the way to solve your health issues.

When should I expect to see benefits?

Most users feel an immediate effect.

What kind of benefits can I expect from taking it?

You can feel your blood vessels open up and over time your T-levels may increase.

How does Primal Herbs taste?

It tastes like honey.

Do I get my money back if I’m not satisfied?

Yes. At Primal Herbs we offer a money-back-guarantee. Read our T&C's to learn more about our policy.

What are the side effects?

There are no standard side effects connected to Volume.

Is Volume meant only for men?

Volume is mostly meant for men, though a lot of couples like to share the magic with great pleasure.

What kind of benefits can I expect from taking it?

Feelings of discomfort, low confidence and being less in power will leave your body.
How to use

Can I mix it with food/drinks?

Volume can be mixed in literally everything, as long as it gets in your system. Preferably on an empty stomach.

How much should I take and when?

We always recommend to start small and increase dosage when necessary. Start with one teaspoon a day on an empty stomach. Only increase if you feel you need more. Do not exceed 3 spoons per day.

How do you consume this product?

You can take Volume straight from the spoon to mouth and drink a glass of water after. You can also choose to mix it in your food/drinks.

Do I need to pause in between jars to avoid becoming tolerant?

Yes, it is recommended to keep at least 1 or 2 weeks in between jars so you avoid becoming tolerant to the active ingredients.
Ingredients & Benefits

Are the ingredients of Volume 100% natural?

Yes, all natural. Leave the chemicals to the chemists.

Are all the ingredients linked to a better health?

As studies show that the used ingredients in our product, are highly successful in combating health related issues.

Where is Volume manufactured?

Volume is formulated and manufactured in our own factory in the Netherlands. From the Netherlands we ship it to our warehouses in Pennsylvania and California.

Does Primal Herbs have its own factory?

Yes. We want to guarantee our quality and that is why we choose to create our own manufacturing facility.
Subscription Management

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you login to your account, go to subscription management and edit, pause or cancel your subscription right there. No questions asked.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Yes, cancel your subscription anytime.

Are there extra benefits when taking a subscription?

Definitely. You get free expedited shipping with every recurring order, a bamboo teaspoon and a free E-book.